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Nigel Farage om det anti-demokratiska EU

Dagen är räddad! Tack till Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage MEP, Leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP)
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Mr Cameron heads to Brussels tomorrow, I think on 'mission impossible'. But it is a remarkable debate to think that the European Union is talking about taking another trillion euros from European taxpayers despite the fact that the accounts have not been signed off for 18 years in a row. If this was a company, the directors, or in this case the Commission, would all be in prison.

But never mind, Mr Cameron will go and he will argue for a freeze. Or what he means by a freeze - is the same over bloated budget with increases for inflation. That actually is the best, the very best that he can achieve in these negotiations. I have no doubt he will actually come home with the UK taxpayer having an even bigger bill. Well it won't work because the public opinion in Britain is now very clear. What our taxpayers are saying is 'Enough is enough.'

No longer do we wish to pay money to Hungarian companies involved in projects to "improve the lifestyle and living standards of dogs". And our patience has completely snapped at such cultural absurdities as the 400,000 euros given to the Flying Gorillas Dance Troupe who using their own language of "rhythm, music and gibberish" - well they'd fit in here well wouldn't they - give performances such as the "brilliant 'Smelly Foot Dance' with an acoustic score that includes spectacular belching." No, I'm not making it up.

And I think the British public are angry at the fleets of chauffeur driven cars, at the extravagant buildings and the never ending travelling circus that is the European Parliament.

We pay 53 million pounds a day to be a member of this organisation for no benefit whatsoever. Mr Cameron, when you come back from this Brussels summit why don't you accept my challenge, and let's have a proper and full debate in Britain on whether it's worth staying a member of this Union or not.

The last opinion polls over the weekend show that now, by a majority of two to one, the British people now want us to leave this Union and not pay you a penny piece.

Thank you.

The Dead Hand of Bureaucracy

Speaker: Nigel Farage MEP

What we've seen this morning from the Commission and Parliament is a passionate defence of high salaries, index-linked pensions, chauffeur-driven cars and a lifestyle none of you would actually enjoy out there in the real competitive world.

It's the status quo convincing itself that it is doing a good job despite the fact that the public increasingly doubt you.

I would remind you that every time that taxpayers' money is thrown at common European projects the results are less than a success: the Common Fisheries Policy and its environmental degradation and now of course the Euro - and not just an economic, but a social disaster that is engulfing the Mediterranean.

And it's all based on a flawed thinking that the State if it has power and money, can create wealth.

The dead hand of bureaucracy is destroying innovation and destroying jobs in Europe. National democracy and free markets would be a much better model.
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