torsdag 16 juli 2015

OlleLjungbeck: brev till FN:s generalsekreterare ang. Stefan Löfven

Olle Ljungbeck:

To the General Secratary of the United Nations, Ban Ki- Moon.
 Bildresultat för banki moon

Easter 2014, You gave the Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, an international assignment. Stefan Löfven were supposed to work internationally for equality between men and women, which means liberation from violence and oppression for women in the world.

Unfortunately you have chosen the wrong person for this in modern time most important task, as Sweden now, because of the mass-immigration is going towards  becoming a country where women are assaulted and raped at the highest level per capita in the world.*

Not only the ethnical Swedish women are assaulted, also many of the women immigrating to Sweden are victims. These women believe they are free from the oppression and violence within their culture when they come to Sweden, but they are deceived. In fact, the violence is as common in Sweden as in their home countries. The responsibility lies, on those who according to religion(Islam)and culture(men), claim women to be inferior than men.

Stefvan Löfven and his government do not act against all this, instead the Prime Minister has chosen to put an islamist in his government. Every day, equality between men and women are spat upon and this is probably not what you had in mind when you chose Stefan Löfven for this important assignment. He crawls before regims such as Saudi-Arabia*, which I feel is disgusting and therefore ha cannot claim to be a spokesman for women.

To summarize, it is an insult towards all the women in the world if Stefan Löfven is to continue as responsible for this, instead he needs to be replaced with another person(man or woman) with high morals and standards.

Olle Ljungbeck, Hanåsvägen 110, 80591 Gävle, Sweden

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